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Pioneers and leaders in Polyurethane foams, established in 1959 by the father of Polyurethane foams in India, Our Chairman M Sarangapani, U-Foam is in the forefront of Polyurethane development. we have the technical competence and expertise to be involved in all forms of Polyurethanes with over 250 years of combined experience makes us unmatched in Industry

U-Foam has the widest and most diverse product range available in the Industry segment. We manufacture over 300 grades of foams for an entire spectrum of applications and uses, to name a few broadly

Comfort products - mattresses pillows cushions under our own registered brands. Technical foams - flexible polyether foams, flexible polyester foams, rigid PUR and PIR foams, reticulated foams, felts, engineered and post processes foams, reconstituted foams, HR, CMHR, FMVSS-302, UL94 HF-1 foams, packaging foams. Moulded foams - flexible and rigid, pipe sections of PUR and PIR. Insulated panels - with a variety of cladding skins and thicknesses for a wide range of applications, wall, ceiling and roof cladding and insulation, floor decking. Pour in place foams for tank insulation and roof spray. Complete built solutions and turnkey contracts handled by a team of project managers of par excellence and over 300 teams for a diverse industry segment, environmental chambers, enclosures, telecommunication enclosures (shelters) cool and cold rooms, bunk houses, prefabricated homes, and refrigerated trucks besides pour in place tank insulation and roof spray.

Our technical expertise in the area of foam development has also been recognised having been awarded the "Indiginisation award", from the Aeronautical Society of India (SATI), for the development of the Rotor Blade Cores for Indian Helicopters. We can say with pride that the entire fleet of Indian Helicopters today flies with Blades using our Rigid Foam Cores. U-Foam was also judged as the Best Performance in SSI Sector-2004, by the All India Manufactures' Association (AP Chapter).

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